Description Name Price
Tofu w. assorted Chinese vegetables in a special sauce. VEGETABLE TOFU STEW  $11.95
A delicate Hunan dish with strips of tender pork in sesame sauce. SESAME PORK $11.95
Tender chicken w. Chinese eggplant cooked in a clay pot. CHICKEN EGGPLANT HOT POT $11.95
Golden crispy fish fillet with spicy Szechuan sauce. CRISPY FISH $11.95
Tilapia fillet with mixed vegetables in black bean sauce. HUNAN FISH $11.95
Steamed tilapia fillet with sake ginger sauce. STEAMED TILAPIA FISH $11.95
Sliced chicken breast with onion with teriyaki sauce. DYNASTY CHICKEN $11.95
Fresh chicken w. green/red pepper, onion, celery, in special honey sauce. HONEY CHICKEN $11.95
Jumbo shrimp in spicy szechuan sauce, coupled with shredded pork in black bean sauce. HONEY MOONERS $12.95
A delicate and remarkable Hunan dish, beef strips stir-fried in the supreme sesame sauce, served on a bed of crispy broccoli. SESAME BEEF $12.95
Sliced chicken, beef, jumbo shrimp with deep fried tofu & assorted vegetables with chef’s special sauce. TRIPLE CRISPY TOFU $13.95
Sliced chicken, jumbo shrimp w. water chestnut, red pepper, bamboo shoot, snow peas, mushroom in delicate sesame sauce. DOUBLE SESAME DELIGHT $12.95
A splendid combination of chicken, jumbo shrimp, scallops w. onions, green pepper, red pepper & shredded bamboo shoot, in a sizzling platter w. chef’s special sauce. TRIPLE SIZZLING DELIGHT $13.95
Jumbo shrimp fried with vegetable in our decilious mango sauce. MANGO SHRIMP $13.95
Breaded jumbo shrimp with honey mustard sauce and mixed with fresh vegetables. SHRIMP IN MUSTARD SAUCE $13.95
Jumbo shrimp lightly fried, topped with honey walnuts in special creamy tangy sauce. WALNUT CRISPY SHRIMP $13.95
Beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops and roast pork slices all mixed with assorted vegetables showered with rice noodles. HAPPY FAMILY $13.95
Jumbo shrimp lightly fried served with chef’s splendid champagne sauce. GOLDEN CRISPY SHRIMP $13.95
Fresh fish filet, shrimp, scallop, crabmeat w. Chinese mushroom, Napa topped with fried bean thread in special sauce. SEAFOOD CASSEROLE $12.95
Marinated beef, chicken, shrimp w. bean thread, Chinese mushroom and Shanghai Napa in chef’s special sauce. TRIPLE HOT POT $13.95
Shrimp, slices of chicken and beef sautéed with vegetables in a traditional curry sauce. CURRY DELIGHT $13.95
Fried fresh scallops with vegetables in chili sauce. A classic Hunan dish. SCALLOPS IN CHILI SAUCE $13.95
A combination of shrimp & scallops w. mixed vegetables served in our delicious black bean sauce on a sizzling platter. BLACK BEAN SIZZLING SEAFOOD $13.95
Jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef and crabmeat with mixed vegetables served on a bed of fried noodles. SIZZLING PAN-FRIED NOODLES $13.95
A splendid combination of beef, chicken and shrimp, delicately balanced with a variety of fresh vegetables in delicious sauce. TRIPLE DELIGHT $14.95
Tender duck with crispy golden brown barbecued skin, sliced & served with Chinese crepes, hearts of green scallions & specially prepared Hoisen sauce Tofu Home Style. (Please call 24 hours beforehand to reserve). PEKING DUCK (Full) $29.95
Crispy duck salty with Worcestershire sauce. CRISPY DUCK $12.95