Health Choice:

  • The Natural Brown Rice

In Chopstick House, Customer’s Health is Our Concern! So we offer another healthy alternative rice choice for our guest.

Based on recent research brown rice can help reduce LDL cholesterol. Why Not try it out today!!


  • Vegetarian Meat Alternatives

The vegetarian meat substitutes are originated from Asia and widely used by vegetarians for a few decades.  They are basically the compressed soy curd products so that it gives them the meaty texture and consistency.  The compressed soy protein products have a protein content of greater than 45%, a moisture content of about 5 to 15%, a bulk density of about 30 to 40% lbs/cuft and an expansion capacity of about 50 to 150% by volume upon rehydration.  The invention also provides a method for making such a compressed texturized soy protein comprising first texturizing conventional soy protein ingredients having a fibrous cellular matrix, such as soy flours and soy protein concentrates and then adjusting the moisture content of structured particles for said soy protein ingredients to about 10 to 20%; and finally compressing said particles into a cake which is capable of expanding upon rehydration 50 to 150% of its original volume.

Are you a vegetarian or someone who is looking for alternative healthy diet style for protein source? 
Come on here and try the Healthy Food Selections on our menu !