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“Your House, Chopstick House!”

Chef's Recommendations


A splendid combination of beef, chicken and...


Marinated beef, chicken, shrimp w. bean thread,...


Jumbo shrimp lightly fried, topped with honey...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Thurs:   11am  -   10pm
Friday:      11am   -   11pm
Saturday:       12pm   -   11pm
Sunday:      12pm   -   10pm

Customer Testimonials

Valarie M.

Valarie M.

My favorite Chinese place in Canton. The food never disappoints me. In fact, I am eating my leftover cold noodles with peanut sauce as I type! It’s one of those places where the food is so good you want to keep eating even though you’re stuffed. My favorite dish is the beef with hot peppers and peanuts. Probably not their most popular menu item but to me it’s the best! However, they could make it a tad spicier when I ask for a high heat level.v I will not order Chinese from any other place in Canton, none of them compare!

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